Pool Cleaning Tools

Essential Tools to Keep Your Pool Clean

A swimming pool offers endless hours of fun, relaxation, and even exercise, however, keeping the water clean is critical to ensure the health and safety of the users, not to mention keeping it sparkling. However, some new pool owners will often feel overwhelmed by the thought of pool cleaning and maintenance and are unsure what equipment they should use.

Telescopic Pool Pole

If you have ever been around a pool, chances are you have already seen someone cleaning it with a long pole with a net attached to one end. Telescopic poles are able to expand or shrink in length and can maneuver in different directions. This allows the user to clean every inch of a pool, including hard-to-reach spots. When buying a telescopic pole, make sure you choose one that is a minimum of 16 feet long and that is made from heavy-duty aluminum.

Skimmer Net

One common attachment for the aforementioned telescopic pole is a skimmer net. This will remove the likes of insects, leaves, and other debris that float on the surface of the water. It must be used on a daily basis to prevent debris from sinking to the bottom, where it could result in staining. Make sure that the skimmer net is made from fine mesh so it can effectively capture dirt and pollen.

Pool Brush

This is used to scrub walls, floor, and the steps of your pool, this is important if you want to prevent the buildup of algae and other contaminants that will cause the pool water to become cloudy or discolored. For gunite pools, you should use stainless steel brushes.

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