How the Pros Clean Your Pool

How the Pros Clean Your Pool  

What Is a Pool Cleaning Service Vacuum?

When it comes to cleaning your swimming pool, you can either oversee this job yourself or call in a professional pool cleaning service. The following information is about pool vacuums and how they are used.

A pool vacuum is a machine that connects to a pole and hose and will clean debris at the bottom of a pool. There are 2 types of vacuums, which are manual and automatic. These are essential tools when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. Most of the traditional pool vacuum models are attached to a long metal pole. Often, this pole can telescope so cleaning at either the deep or shallow end of a pool is more convenient. The pole will usually connect to a pool vacuum head that has a pivoting handle. The other that will be connected to the vacuum head will be a hose, which will go to a coupling just off the pool, where the debris is deposited.

An automatic pool vacuum is left to free roam on along the bottom of a pool. The cleaner will often use the pool’s own circulation and suction mechanisms to help it move along the bottom, or a computer chip could control it. Any cleaner that has a computer chip is referred to as a robotic pool vacuum.

While vacuuming does not take that long, most people prefer to spend that time doing something else. In the summer months, it can be extremely hot. Therefore, some prefer an automatic cleaner. These are, however, more expensive than their traditional pool vacuum counterparts.

For those that choose an automatic cleaner, the robotic cleaner is considered the most effective method. It can be programmed to work on the bottom of a pool depending on what the owner’s desires are or will have sensors that will automatically determine a route to follow.

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